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24 Mar

Original one-shot manga
Presented by Balust, Black Velvet, Campos, CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY, Kudo & SenseiDani
Published by Letrablanka
216 pages, B/W, Paperback w/ jacket, Spanish edition
7,50 €



Xavi, Robert, Daisuke, Yumiko y Narelle son cinco deportistas de tres continentes diferentes que acuden a competir en estas olimpiadas organizadas especialmente para la obra.

El mundo del deporte requiere esfuerzo y sacrificio. Algunos alcanzan la fama y la gloria y pueden vivir de su pasión. Pero la mayoría no ve recompensado su duro trabajo. Eso sí, sean vencedores o vencidos, todos tienen en común una estricta vida de sacrificio no sólo físico, sino mental y personal.

Estos cinco protagonistas demostrarán que en una competición deportiva, el corazón se juega mucho más que medallas.

Olympics es un manga atípico que entrelaza tres tramas distintas, cada una dibujada y guionizada por un equipo creativo diferente, en una misma historia. El trasfondo común: unas olimpiadas.

Ninamo, AnaKris, Aiwa y Nevee (bajo el nombre de CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY) colaboran junto a Alejandra M. Campos en el dibujo de la trama guionizada por Black Velvet, la correspondiente a Narelle, una joven promesa en la modalidad de salto de trampolín.


Olympics está ya disponible en librerías especializadas en España y a través de la tienda online de Letrablanka. Más información aquí.

Olympics - Narelle


Xavi, Robert, Daisuke, Yumiko, and Narelle are five athletes, from three different continents, who will compete in the Olympics.

Atheletes need to make efforts and sacrifices. Some reach the podium and can make a living of what they love. But most of them won’t see their work pay off. Winners or losers, everyone have a hard life of work and sacrifice in common.

Our five protagonists will prove that in competitions, in the end, the heart matters more than medals.

Olympics is a pretty unique manga, in which three plots interwhine, each a different story, each created by a different team of artists.

Ninamo, AnaKris, Aiwa and Nevee (under the CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY name), together with Alejandra M. Campos who helped with the drafts, and a script written by Black Velvet, made the story of Narelle.


The volume can be purchased in Letrablanka online store (Spanish only). More info here.


New items available at our online store

12 Nov

We’ve finally updated our store with the last items released on XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona.

You can now purchase the following goods:


    Kuro-e Artbook: CHALLENGE
    Spanish artbook featuring original character designs and illustrations
    Presented by CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY
    Language: Spanish (+ a booklet including English translation)
    More info: [link]



    Touhou tote bags
    100% cotton tote bags printed on both sides featuring Touhou Project
    Presented by Aiwa & Ninamo (C★R)


    Drinks button set
    Button set featuring original character designs based on popular drink brands
    Presented by Aiwa (C★R)




A part from these, there are also new A3 and A4 prints, acrylic keychains and laminated straps. We invite you to take a peek at our store!

Kuro-e Artbook: CHALLENGE

22 Oct

Kuro-e Artbook: CHALLENGE
Spanish artbook featuring original character designs and illustrations
To be released on XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona (2013/10/31)
Cover by Yuzuki
Featuring 「Ero★Pinku」 | Aiwa | Alejandra MC | Amakuri | AnaKris | Blanca J.E | Daniel Vivas | Eduard Balust | Elypsia Project | Ernest Sala | Hanaoka | hart-coco | Isabel Terol | Judit Moreno | Kaoru Okino | Leunfer | Lolita Aldea | Luis Yang | Mintonia | Nev | Ninamo | OrcaJ | Sara Cuervo | Sarubaby | Susy Broullón | Últimas Crónicas | Wanaca90 | Xulia Vicente | Yuemi22 | Yuzuki

Kuro-e Challenge - portada DEF


The Arena opens its doors.
All contestants enter the battlefield, but only one of them will remain victorious.
30 artists from all around Spain accepted the challenge and designed their fighters of choice.

The game is about to start!

Two years after the release of Kuro-e Artbook, a second volume arrives, Kuro-e Artbook: CHALLENGE. This time we challenged the participants to design their own character for a theoretical Fighting Game. You can find character sheets, illustrations and even comic pages through the 92 pages contained in this book. All of it in full color!

Our aim is to show the world what the artists from Spain can do, as well as to invite you to find new talents. For this very reason, same as the former volume, this is not a lucrative project. All of the benefits will be set aside for printing more books once it sells out, or for the creation of a new volume for the Kuro-e collection.
We hope you enjoy it!


La arena abre sus puertas.
Los contrincantes saltan al campo de batalla y sólo uno se alzará con la victoria.
30 artistas de toda España han aceptado el reto y han diseñado a sus combatientes predilectos.

¡El juego está a punto de empezar!

Dos años después del lanzamiento de Kuro-e Artbook, llega el segundo volumen de la colección, Kuro-e Artbook: CHALLENGE. En esta ocasión hemos retado a los artistas participantes a diseñar su propio personaje, como si para un videojuego de lucha se tratara. Podéis ver fichas de personaje, ilustraciones e incluso páginas de cómic a lo largo de las 92 páginas de las que consta el libro; ¡todo ello a color!

Queremos mostraros de qué es capaz de hacer la cantera de dibujantes en España, invitándoos a descubrir nuevos talentos. Por ese motivo, del mismo modo que lo fue su predecesor, Kuro-e Artbook: CHALLENGE es un proyecto sin ánimo de lucro. Todos los beneficios son destinados o bien a reimprimir el libro una vez se agote, o bien a futuros volúmenes de la colección. ¡Esperamos que lo disfrutéis!

A los que vayáis al XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona, podréis encontrarlo a la venta en el stand de CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY (F-1).

Kuro-e Challenge - preview


  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 92 pages, full color
  • Contents: 35 pages of character designs, 41 pages of illustrations and 8 pages of comic; all of them by 30 different artists
  • Gift: a double-sided bookmark
  • Language: Spanish (+ a booklet including English translation)
  • Price: €15.00 (€15.50 / $20.90 in the online store)
    (Paypal fee included) (Shipping non included)

Kuro-e Challenge - bookmarks


You can purchase it at our online store here:

[Spanish] Si eres de España y prefieres pagar en euros o usar transferencia bancaria en lugar de Paypal, puedes mandarnos un correo a cyclic.redundancy.circle★gmail.com [reemplaza la “★” por una “@”].

Japan Expo 2013 (photos)

11 Jul


We have recently returned from this year’s Japan Expo! We met old friends and made new ones. We had non-stop fun during the four days!! Thank you very much to all the people who passed by our booth. Thanks to all of you it was a great success! We hope to return next year! (^▽^)/

If you’re curious, here you can find a list of what we were selling: Japan Expo 2013: location & inventory.

JE2013_02 JE2013_03
JE2013_04 JE2013_05

We updated our online store with some of the new items we were selling:

You can find now the Magi, Dangan Ronpa and Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith button sets, the Dangan Ronpa, Shingeki no Kyojin, Adventure Time, Ib and Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith double sided acrylic keychains and some new prints by Isaky and Ninamo.

Japan Expo 2013: location & inventory

1 Jul

We would like to announce that we will be present at this year’s JE.

    Japan Expo 2013
    Paris (France), from July 4 to 7

Our booth information:

    Hall 6, CL10


You’ll find stuff done by the following artists:

Aiwa, AnaKris, Isaky, Nevee, Ninamo,
Lisco, Rikku Hanari, Harobako & Daniel Rodríguez

Although only AnaKris, Ninamo & Lisco will be present at the booth. Come and meet us! ♥



We will be selling books, buttons, keychains, straps, prints (A3 & A4 size)… You can see the full list with photos and images here:

Japan Expo 2013: location & inventory


After Japan Expo, all the items left (the ones done by the C★R’s members only) will be put for sale at our online store:

If you have any question, please ask us. We will update this post when we have more details.
Is there anything that particularly catches your eye? Let us know!! We wait you there!! (⌒∇⌒)ノ

Expomanga 2013 (photos)

16 May

Expomanga 2013 photo 2

[English] Expomanga 2013 took place last week, from May 10th to 12th. This time we had a commercial booth shared between C★R and the recently founded publishing house NeoDragon. Aiwa, AnaKris, Nevee and Ninamo attended the event to sell their goods along with those of Harobako, CyberSaku and Yuemi22, who did not attend in person.

On their own, NeoDragon presented and sold for the first time the girl’s love themed manga Cross Heart by AnaKris. This time it’s a new edition in Spanish that collects all the existing material of Cross Heart in a single volume. This is no longer the self edited volume we have been selling up to now in C★R, but a definitive edition made by the hands of a professional publisher. You can find more details on their website.

Here you can see a few photos of our booth. Thank you very much to everyone who visited us! We had a great time and hope to return another year!

[Español] Expomanga 2013 tuvo lugar la semana pasada del 10 al 12 de mayo. Esta vez tuvimos un stand de tipo comercial compartido entre C★R y la recién fundada editorial NeoDragon. Aiwa, AnaKris, Nevee y Ninamo asistieron al evento y estuvieron vendiendo sus cosas junto a las de Harobako, CyberSaku y Yuemi22, quienes no estuvieron presentes.

Por su cuenta, NeoDragon presentó y vendió por primera vez el manga de temática girl’s love Cross Heart de AnaKris. Esta vez se trata de una nueva edición en español que recopila todo el material existente de Cross Heart en un solo volumen. Este no es ya el volumen auto editado que hemos estado vendiendo hasta ahora en C★R, sino una edición definitiva de manos de una editorial profesional. Podéis encontrar más detalles en su página web.

Aquí tenéis algunas fotos de nuestro stand. ¡Muchas gracias a todas las personas que nos visitaron! ¡Lo pasamos muy bien y esperamos volver el año que viene!

Expomanga 2013 photo 1 Expomanga 2013 photo 3
Expomanga 2013 photo 4 Expomanga 2013 photo 5

Herem #1

1 Mar

Herem #1
Presented by Noiry
Published by Línea Gaijin Manga (EDT)
Spanish edition
192 pages, B/W
Paperback 11,5 x 17 cm


[English] Herem #1 is Noiry‘s last manga, the same author of Underdog. It’s the first volume (of two) and you can already find it in stores published by EDT in its line Gaijin Manga.

Herem #1 also includes a guest art gallery in the last pages. There you can find a contribution by Nevee, who drew one the characters from the story, Asmoday.

[Español] Herem es el último manga de Noiry, autora también de Underdog. Es el primer volumen (de dos) y ya se encuentra a la venta en tiendas publicado por EDT en su línea Gaijin Manga.

Herem #1 también incluye una galería de invitados en sus últimas páginas. Allí puedes encontrar una aportación de Nevee, quién dibujó uno de los personajes de la historia, Asmoday.