Where to find our products

You can purchase our products in several ways. Here is a list of different places where you can find them.

* Click the banner in order to access each store.

—Ninamo’s Tictail—

Our online store based in Barcelona, Spain. It only contains goods done by Ninamo.


—Aiwa’s Tictail—

Our online store based in Córdoba, Spain. It only contains goods done by Aiwa.


—Pixiv BOOTH—


Our online store based in Tokyo, Japan. It only contains goods done by Ninamo.




This is our former online store. It is currently closed, sorry!



Cuddly Octopus

Cuddly Octopus is an online store that specializes in selling dakimakura covers. Some of Ninamo’s designs can be found here.


Comic Toranoana | Melon Books | Comic ZIN

Comic Toranoana, Melon Boooks and Comic ZIN are Japanese dōjin shops that specializes in selling manga related items. You can find the Japanese version of some of our work and exclusive merchandise. If you have the chance to go visit one of their physical stores you may find some of our gacha collections in their gashapon machines!
Unfortunately, they only accept orders from Japan, unless you are using an agent like Tenso.



DoujinPress is an online store based in the United States. They import doujinshi from Japan and also support foreign authors. You can find the English edition of some of our works here as well as some goods like buttons and prints. They usually attend conventions like SacAnime, Sakura-Con, FanimeCon, AnimeNEXT



We also usually go to conventions. These are some that do not usually miss:

You can take a look at our booth if you’re going to attend!


3 Responses to “Where to find our products”

  1. Lorena 24 October, 2012 at 20:37 #

    Holaa! He leido que estaréis en un stand de fanzines en el salón de Barcelona. Quería saber si venderéis algún fanzine? Si es así, me gustaría saber de qué trata el fanzine en si. Me encantan los fanzines! 🙂 saludos!

    • ninamori 24 October, 2012 at 21:16 #

      Hola! Así es, estaremos en el próximo XVIII Salón del Manga de Barcelona, en los stands F-1 y F-6. En breve escribiremos una entrada en el blog con una lista de los fanzines que allí venderemos, pero serán prácticamente todos los que puedes encontrar bajo este tag: https://cyclic-redundancy.com/category/releases/ y que no especifiquen que estén “sold out” o algo así. Gracias por el interés!

  2. Cristina Gil Ortiz 15 May, 2013 at 18:10 #

    Ohh vi por Twitter a gente que había comprado cositas vuestras en el Expomanga y me parecieron una monada 😀 que pena que estuve allí pero no tuve mucho tiempo de mirar los stands :S tendré que seguiros más a menudo para ver a que convenciones vais, de todas maneras echaré un ojo a la tienda online ^^

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