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Comiket 89: information

27 Dec

We will attend Comiket 89:

    Comiket 89 (コミケット89)
    12/31, Tokyo Big Sight
    Circle space: 3日目西に-15b

Ninamo: Goods / グッズ:


Hitsu: Illustration books / イラスト本:
C★R is proud to announce we will be selling Hitsu‘s books as a special collaboration.


Thanks for reading!


Mutsugo no tamashii ☆ FOREVER (Osomatsu-san only event)

21 Dec

We will attend this next event:

    Mutsugo no tamashii ☆ FOREVER (6つ子の魂☆フォーエバー)
    Osomatsu-san only event
    12/27, 東京流通センター(TRC)
    Circle space: G18

New goods / 新グッズ:

  • Osomatsu-san Acrylic keychains (6 models, double-sided, 5 cm aprox.)
  • Osomatsu-san_ keychains_poster

  • Osomatsu-san Acrylic stands (2 models, 8 cm aprox.)
  • Poster_stands_aiwa_pre

  • Osomatsu-san ~yankee ver.~ Can badges (6 models, 5.7 cm)
  • Osomatsu-san_yankee

    The Osomatsu-san acrylic keychain set is also up for preorder at our online store [here]. Preorder period ends on December 31 (2015) and orders with this product will be shipped on Mid-January (2016).


    osom-1 osom-2

    Those same keychains were released on Toranoana gacha machines in Japan. They were so popular that we were told that they sold out in just one day! Amazing! A reprint is currently being done and it will be available on the machines again soon!

    2015-12-11 21.42.00

    Thanks for reading!

    Bokura no Love Live! 9 & Sunshine Creation 2015 Autumn

    23 Sep

    We will attend this next events:

      Bokura no Love Live! 9 (僕らのラブライブ!9)
      Love Live! only event
      9/27, Akihabara UDX
      Circle space: U11
      Sunshine Creation 2015 Autumn
      (サンシャインクリエイション2015 Autumn)
      10/04, Ikebukuro Sunshine City
      Circle space: F06b

    New goods / 新グッズ:

  • Love Live! Maki Nishikino dakimakura (50 x 150 cm)
  • Maki dakimakura

    Maki dakimakura - photos

  • Love Live! ~cyber ver.~ Acrylic straps (6 cm aprox.)
  • Love Live! cyber ver.

    Other goods / 他のグッズ:

  • Love Live! Fabric wallscroll tapestries (60 x 90cm)
  • Poster-pre

  • Love Live! Postcard set, badge & acrylic straps
  • COMIKET-leftover

  • The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Acrylic keychains (6cm aprox.) *SanKuri only* *サンクリだけ*
  • Poster-pre

      Utahime Teien 8 -THE IDOL G@RDEN-
      (歌姫庭園8-THE IDOL G@RDEN-)
      The iDOLM@STER only event
      9/22, 大田区産業プラザPiO
      Circle space: シ10

    We participated at Utahime Teien 8 yesterday. Here is some pictures of our table:




    Tora Matsuri 2015 & Sunshine Creation 2015 Summer

    17 Jun
      Tora Matsuri 2015 (とら祭り2015)
      6/21, Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center
      Circle space: C23b

    This weekend we will participate at Tora Matsuri 2015!
    We will bring the following goods:

  • Love Live! Fabric wallscroll tapestries (60 x 90cm)
  • Poster-pre

    fabric poster 01-test-pre

  • The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Acrylic keychains (6cm aprox.)
  • Poster-pre

    As well as some goods from the Comiket Special 6:

  • Love Live! Postcard set, badge & acrylic straps
  • COMIKET-leftover

      Sunshine Creation 2015 Summer
      (サンシャインクリエイション2015 Summer)
      6/14, Ikebukuro Sunshine City
      Circle space: N070a

    Last weekend we participated at the Sunshine Creation 2015 Summer. Here is some pictures of our table:

    2015-06-14 10.47.15-pre

    2015-06-14 10.47.03-pre

    Kill la Kill and Free! clear acrylic charms

    31 Jul

    We originally prepared these to be sold at Japan Expo, but we had some trouble and in the end we couldn’t. But anyway, here’s our double-sided acrylic charms currently available through our online store and on future conventions (while stocks last).

    All of them includes a strap (cord + clasp) and a small sleighbell attached. They are printed on both sides and have a candy gloss finish. We would like to thanks Ink It Labs for making such lovely charms for us and the help provided through the whole process.

    Click each image to access to each’s section in the store. If you buy them before August 4th we have a 20% off!

    • Kill la Kill: Ryuuko & Satsuki
      1.5″ (3.8cm) double-sided clear acrylic charm
      Art by Ninamo

    KLK charms

    • Free!: Haru
      1.5″ (3.8cm) double-sided clear acrylic charm
      Art by Aiwa

    Haru charms

    There’s also a 1″ (2.54cm) version of Haru’s charms:

    Haru mini charms

    KagePro, Free! and Love Live! button sets for sale at Toranoana

    22 Jul

    We’re pleased to announce that we had the chance to collaborate again with the Japanese chain store Comic Toranoana to bring our Kagerou Project, Free! -navy uniforms ver.- and Love Live! button sets at their stores. They are available right now at the gacha machines in some of their stores. The badges measure is 57mm in diameter and each try costs 200円 (JPY).


    All of them are available in our online store as well. There you can find 38mm buttons and also double-sided acrylic keychains using the same designs. The button sets can be bought separately or together as a pack with a small discount. Below there are the posters we designed for Toranoana stores, but if you click on them you can access to each’s section in our store:

  • Kagerou Project set (drawn by Isaky)
  • KAGEPRO poster

  • Free! -navy uniforms ver.- set (drawn by Aiwa)
  • Free! poster

  • Love Live! set (drawn by Ninamo)
  • LoveLive poster

    It’s been a while since the last time we updated our blog with our designs, so there are already a lot of them we haven’t shown here. Same as before, click each image to be redirected to the corresponding section on the online store:

    KLK poster ThMoF poster

    Chu2koi poster DR poster

    Scarlet poster Pokemon poster

    Daily Ai

    17 Jul

    Daily Ai
    Original manga
    Presented by Aiwa (CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY)

    Daily Ai - cover

    The story of the average day for a girl living in a digital world. A short 20 pages-comic that narrates in a mute comic how Ai, the protagonist, manages in her daily life. The book includes drafts for discarded pages and characters designs.


    • Size: A5
    • Pages: 30 pages
    • Contents: 20 pages of comic plus 6 more of extra content
    • Language: English
    • Price: $7.25
      (Paypal fee included) (Shipping non included)


    You can purchase it at our online store here: