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Dae-Hyun y el caldero de monedas de oro

30 Oct

Dae-Hyun y el caldero de monedas de oro
Original manga
Presented by Ero
To be realeased on XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona (2013/10/31)



Dae-Hyun , del reino de Xion, está buscando el legendario caldero al pie del arcoíris para, con sus riquezas, pagar ejércitos que protejan su reino. Durante su búsqueda conoce a un risueño jovencito, Hye Ho, que decide ayudarle en su noble misión…

Los que vayáis al XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona, podréis encontrarlo a la venta en el stand de NORMA EDITORIAL. Una vez pasado el evento, se podrá adquirir en cualquier librería y a través de diversas tiendas online.

PREVIEW (Español)


Dae-Hyun, from the kingdom of Xion, is seeking the legendary cauldron at the base of the rainbow. With its wealth, he wants to hire armies to protect his kingdom. During his search he meets a sweet and nice child, Hye Ho, who decides to help him in his noble mission…

It will be release at the biggest manga/anime convention in Spain, by NORMA EDITORIAL (publisher). It will be available in bookstores and online stores once the event starts.


  • Size: 11,5 x 17,5cm
  • Pages: 176 pages B/N (with jacket)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: €7,50
    This edition is exclusively in Spanish.

Kodansha Manga Scout Fes – Honorable Mention

3 Jun

The final results of the Kodansha Manga Scout Fes were recently announced: Aiwa’s one-shot manga Hatsukoi received an Honorable Mention!

Hatsukoi - cover

Hatsukoi_p4 Hatsukoi_p5

『初恋』by アイワ: read it here (you must have a pixiv account to read it)

Kodansha Manga Scout Fes was a contest held by pixiv and Kodansha’s 5 magazines to offer the chance to debut as a comic artist. According to pixiv, the winners were selected from over 1000 different entries! They selected one Grand Champion Winner, five Champions (one winner for each magazine) and 40 Honorable Mentions. You can view the full list of awarded comics here.

Aiwa’s awarded manga is called Hatsukoi, which means “first love” in English. It has a total of 16 pages + a cover, and has the peculiarity of being a comic without text.


Magic Knight Contest – First Place

31 May

We are proud to announce that Isaky, one of the latest additions to our circle, had been recently awarded with the First Place in the Magic Knight Contest.

Magic Knight Contest by Isaky

About two months ago, the Magic Knight Contest started. It was held by the Vietnamese company VNG Corp with the help of one of the artists in it Omocha-san on deviantART. VNG Corp is currently developing a new card battle game called Magic Knight for the Japanese online company DeNA, playable on its game platform Mobage. Magic Knight is planned to be released this late April or mid May.

The Magic Knight Contest consisted in two rounds: The participants in the first round had to draw a new a card of their own magical girl. Every card in the game had 4 different levels, each more gorgeous than the last, but they didn’t need to draw all levels, only the highest one. The best artists of this round passed to the next. In the second round the semi finalists had to work along with VNG Corp to improve their entries and to draw the illustrations for the remaining levels. The factors judged in the contest to decide the winners were: level of details, skills, creativeness, diversity between each level of the card, enthusiasm, effort and cooperation.

The winners and the runner ups were just decided today. Isaky was awarded with the First Place!! Her card will be used in the game and she will be awarded with both, cash and in game, prizes. She also will be offered the opportunity to work again with them in the future.

You can see all the awarded entries here. There are a lot of gorgeous entries!


Special mention in the poster contest for IV Salón del Manga de Alicante

16 Apr

Recently the organization of the Salón del Manga de Alicante announced that the poster contest to choose the poster of the next edition was declared void. The full announcement can be read here [Spanish only].

However, the staff decided to award two honorable mentions to two of the posters submitted. The prize money will be shared equally between the two laureates. The mentions went to SandraGH and Isaky from our circle.

IV Salon del Manga Alicante - Isaky

The same entry received a Daily Deviation on deviantART on April 13th. You can view the full list of all the featured entries of that date here.

III Salón del Manga de Alicante

7 Feb

[English] This year’s Salón del Manga de Alicante poster was illustrated by Ninamo. She won the contest held back on 2012 during the previous’s edition. III Salón del Manga de Alicante will take place from March 23th to 24th 2013.

[Español] El cartel del Salón del Manga de Alicante de este año ha sido ilustrado por Ninamo. Fue la ganadora del concurso que tuvo lugar el 2012 durante la pasada edición. El III Salón del Manga de Alicante tendrá lugar los días 23 y 24 de mazo del 2013.


[English] Ninamo will also attend the convention as a guest. There will be signing sessions and a small drawing workshop. You can also meet her during the event in her own booth with the circle’s name “CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY”.

[Español] Ninamo también estará en el salón como invitada. Se harán sesiones de firmas y un pequeño taller de dibujo. También podréis encontrarla durante el evento en su propio stand que llevará el nombre del círculo “CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY”.

Toranoana Award at ASIAGRAPH 2012

26 Jan

Asiagraph 2012 photo1

Asiagraph 2012 photo5 Asiagraph 2012 photo2 Asiagraph 2012 photo4

We are glad to announce that three of our members (Aiwa, Ninamo and Kenneos) have been awarded with the Toranoana Award in the cathegories of “Excellent Work” and “Selected Work” at ASIAGRAPH 2012. This is the second time we receive an award from Toranoana — the year before we were already awarded with the Toranoana International Award 2011.

Comic Toranoana is a dōjin shop that specializes in selling manga related items. By the other hand, ASIAGRAPH 2012 is a joint event of science, art and exhibition that took place in Tokyo in October 2012. All winning entries were exhibited in the gallery during the event — you can see a few photos of it above (thanks to Snow Vega for them).

The contest consisted of presenting up to 3 original theme works made ​​during the year 2012. Having won the award means that our works will be announced on Toranoana’s homepage, exhibited and turned into a certain form of merchandise later on.

These were the awarded works:

  • Excellent Work
    “Akiko” by Aiwa
    “Yulla” by Ninamo

Akiko Yulla

  • Selected Work
    “Sky lake” by Kenneos

Sky lake

Mirai Suenaga Illustration Contest

19 Dec

The winners of Mirai Suenaga Illustration Contest have been decided. This was a contest organized in collaboration between pixiv and Culture Japan and was held from September 20 to October 20.

The contest invited people to submit artworks of Mirai Suenaga, the mascot of Culture Japan. The winning entries will be published in Quarterly pixiv vol.11 and featured in anime events around the world.

Aiwa has been awarded in the category Special Prize with her entry.

Mirai Suenaga - Aiwa

Kenneos and Ninamo also participated in the contest. You can see their entries below (the first two belong to Kenneos and the last one to Ninamo).

Far from home - Kenneos Looking to the future - Kenneos Suenaga Sisters - Ninamo