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Expotaku 2013

28 Feb

[English] This year’s poster for Expotaku Tour 2013 (a set of various events about manganime and Japanese culture that are going to take place this year in different locations in Spain) was realized by Ninamo. The illustration for the potser and its layout were commissioned by the Expotaku staff.

This is the second time Ninamo draws a poster for Expotaku — You can see the previous one here.

[Español] El cartel de este año para Expotaku Gira 2013 (una agrupación de varios eventos dedicados al manganime y la cultura japonesa que tendrán lugar a lo largo de este año en varias localizaciones de España) ha sido realizado por Ninamo. La ilustración del cartel y su diseño fueron un encargo de parte de la organización de Expotaku.

Esta es la segunda vez que Ninamo dibuja un poster para Expotaku; podéis ver el anterior aquí.

Expotaku Gira 2013

[English] The events are the following:

[Español] El listado de eventos es el siguiente:

  • Expotaku Sabadell 2013
    11 y 12 de Mayo • Fira de Sabadell • [link]
  • Expotaku A Coruña 2013
    24, 25 y 26 de Mayo • ExpoCoruña • [link]
  • Expotaku Zaragoza 2013
    21, 22 y 23 de Junio • Centro Cívico Delicias • [link]
  • Expotaku Almería 2013
    12, 13 y 14 de Julio • Pabellón Moisés Ruiz • [link]
  • Expotaku Tarragona 2013
    19, 20 y 21 de Julio • Fira de Tarragona • [link]
  • Expotaku Gijón 2013
    13, 14 y 15 de Septiembre • Recinto Ferial Luis Adaro • [link]

Terciart – Manga collection of velvet coloring pictures

6 Dec

Velvet pictures
Main site | Spanish site | French site | German site | Dutch site

Terciart has recently launched a “manga” inspired collection of its popular velvet coloring pictures. Several artists have collaborated in this collection, including Ninamo.

Children aged three and onwards can discover the magical world of colouring with Terciart: a magical formula combining its rigid base and velvet embossment with its range of colours.

J004-lineart J004-color

Dress To Play: Cute Witches!

8 Nov

Dress To Play: Cute Witches!
Nintendo 3DS video game
Published by EnjoyUp Games
Developed by CoderChild
1 player

Dress To Play: Cute Witches! is a downloable video game for Nintendo 3DS (you can purchase it through the Nintendo eShop) published by EnjoyUp Games and developed by CoderChild. Kenneos was commissioned for the project and was in charge of the character and the outfit designs.

This is not the first time we work with CoderChild: Ninamo was involved in the production of the video game Bugs’N’Balls and together with Nevee were involved in the production of 3, 2, 1… WordsUp! Both of them are currently available in the Nintendo DSi Shop and the Nintendo eShop.


    In Dress To Play: Cute Witches!, dress to play and play to dress!
    Make a little witch and design her outfit in the dressing room. When you finish, get ready to set off on an adventure as your character flies away on her broomstick to a peaceful world inhabited by fantasy characters. The more you play, the more rewards and gifts you’ll receive. You’ll also earn more items of clothing to dress your little witches in!


  • 2 games in one: Create and dress up a little witch at your taste. Enjoy playing the adventure with your character.
  • 50 challenges which will provide more than 50 new pieces to dress your characters.
  • Thousands of combinations to create thousands of different little witches.
  • An adventure full of cute creatures.
  • A colorful and beautiful universe to enjoy with the 3D effect.

Available on

  • Nintendo of America
    Release Date: Nov 8, 2012
    Language: English, French, Spanish
    Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo eShop ($3.99)
  • Nintendo of Europe
    Release Date: Nov 22, 2012
    Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
    Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo eShop (€3.99)


Expotaku 2012

5 Jan

This year’s poster for Expotaku tour 2012, a bunch of different manganime conventions that are going to take place in Spain, was realized by Ninamo. The poster illustration and the final layout were commissioned by the Expotaku staff.

It will be the official poster of:

  • Expotaku Sabadell 2012
  • Expotaku A Coruña 2012
  • Expotaku Almería 2012
  • Expotaku Tarragona 2012
  • Expotaku Gijón 2012

You can see more info about the different events on its website: [link].