Phantom Edge vol.1

24 Oct

Phantom Edge vol.1
Original manga
Presented by AnaKris (CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY)
To be realeased on XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona (2013/10/31)



Aurora es una estudiante normal y corriente que guarda un secreto; puede ver espiritus y demas entes paranormales. Toda su vida cambiará al conocer accidentalmente a Ciel, un chico que se dedica a cazar a los misteriosos monstruos llamados Umbríos.

Él es un ángel, y su misión es cazar a los misteriosos monstruos llamados “Umbríos”.

Phantom Edge, el último webcómic de AnaKris, se pasa al formato físico en un tomo recopilatorio que incluye los dos primeros capítulos de esta historia.

A los que vayáis al XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona, podréis encontrarlo a la venta en el stand de CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY (F-1). Una vez pasado el evento, se podrá adquirir en nuestra tienda online.

Phantom Edge empezó a publicarse online en abril de 2013 y hasta la fecha podeis seguirlo en:

Subcultura (Español)



Aurora would be an ordinary student… if it wasn’t because she has the ability to see spirits and other paranormal stuff since she was a child. Her whole life changes when Ciel crosses her path.

He’s an “Angel” and his mission is to hunt the mysterous monsters called “Revenants”.

Phantom Edge, the latest webcomic by AnaKris, will be released as a physical volume, which includes the two first chapters of the story.

Phantom Edge was first published online in the April of 2013 and to the present date is still being updated. You can follow it here:

MangaMagazine (English)
Phantom Edge ch10068-0069


  • Size: 12 x 18cm
  • Pages: 128 pages B/N
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: €8.00 (€8.30 / $11.20 in the online store)
    (Paypal fee included) (Shipping non included)


You can purchase it at our online store here:

This edition is exclusively in Spanish. An English edition will be released in the near future.


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