Magic Knight Contest – First Place

31 May

We are proud to announce that Isaky, one of the latest additions to our circle, had been recently awarded with the First Place in the Magic Knight Contest.

Magic Knight Contest by Isaky

About two months ago, the Magic Knight Contest started. It was held by the Vietnamese company VNG Corp with the help of one of the artists in it Omocha-san on deviantART. VNG Corp is currently developing a new card battle game called Magic Knight for the Japanese online company DeNA, playable on its game platform Mobage. Magic Knight is planned to be released this late April or mid May.

The Magic Knight Contest consisted in two rounds: The participants in the first round had to draw a new a card of their own magical girl. Every card in the game had 4 different levels, each more gorgeous than the last, but they didn’t need to draw all levels, only the highest one. The best artists of this round passed to the next. In the second round the semi finalists had to work along with VNG Corp to improve their entries and to draw the illustrations for the remaining levels. The factors judged in the contest to decide the winners were: level of details, skills, creativeness, diversity between each level of the card, enthusiasm, effort and cooperation.

The winners and the runner ups were just decided today. Isaky was awarded with the First Place!! Her card will be used in the game and she will be awarded with both, cash and in game, prizes. She also will be offered the opportunity to work again with them in the future.

You can see all the awarded entries here. There are a lot of gorgeous entries!



3 Responses to “Magic Knight Contest – First Place”

  1. Sara 1 June, 2013 at 13:47 #

    No puedo más que felicitar a Isaky tanto por el reconocimiento que ha recibido, tanto por la calidad de la imagen. Muy bonita y cargada de detalle y color, pero a la vez no hay nada confuso en ella. Un completo regalo para la vista.

    • Sara 1 June, 2013 at 13:48 #

      *el segundo “tanto” debería ser un “como” >_<


  1. Entrevista ~ Pinceladas gaijin: Vol. 3 Isaky | koi-nya - 6 December, 2013

    […] Es ilustradora de la asociación Alicante Otaku, y ha ganado algunos concursos como el del cartel del V Salón del Manga de Murcia o el del juego japonés Magic Knight Armageddon (más información). […]

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