Farewells and homecomings

26 Mar

Starting with the farawells: Kenneos decided to leave the circle due to her duties on her new work. She’s currently working on Ediciones Babylon, a Spanish publisher. You can find prints, notebooks, t-shirts and other goods with her illustrations in Ediciones Babylon. We wish her the best in this new path she started!!

We’ll continue selling her merchandising and books in C★R’s online store until the stock is sold out. Remember you can also follow her on her deviantART and her other accounts in social networks (you can check them at the end of the Members section).


But the changes in C★R don’t stop here! There are also homecomings: We want to welcome our new members! They are…


pixiv | deviantART | tumblr | twitter

Ero★Pinku‘s art never leaves anyone indifferent. She can draw the most handsome and erotic men and the most sweet and cheerful boys. She’s a BL lover! Check her galleries.

Last year she won the annual Norma Editorial Manga Contest and she’s now working with her partner Saga on an original manga called “Dae-Hyun y el caldero de monedas de oro” that will be released on Spain at the end of the year. They are also writting an official blog with their progress and some tutorials about how to draw manga here (only in Spanish, sorry).

She has also drawn some posters for the Spanish conventions Salón del Manga de Gran Canaria and Festival del Manga de Las Palmas, worked for Kamikaze Factory Studio in various publications and drawn several novel covers for Yaoi Press, among others.

Abel y Orion - Ero Pinku



deviantART | tumblr | twitter

Isaky is our youngest member now. She has a cute and dynamic style and awesome coloring. She has been well known on deviantART for her Sonic drawings until she decided to leave the fandom and to focus on more kind of drawings. Now it’s been a year since that decision and her improvement in that short period of time is amazing!!

She illustrated several posters for conventions, and recently won the poster contest for the V Salón del Manga de Murcia.

V Salon del Manga de Murcia - Isaky


One Response to “Farewells and homecomings”

  1. Sara 27 March, 2013 at 22:57 #

    Una lástima que Kenneos os deje, pero hay momentos en que tienes que elegir porque no simplimente puedes dividirte en dos ¡Yo también le deseo lo mejor!

    Grandes adquisiciones, por otro lado :3 Ero-Pinku, cuyas ilustraciones preciosistas ya conocía de antes, e Isaky, a la que acabo de descubrir y su trabajo me ha sacado el hipo.

    Mola que de paso hayáis cambiado las imágenes de todas =)

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