Toranoana Award at ASIAGRAPH 2012

26 Jan

Asiagraph 2012 photo1

Asiagraph 2012 photo5 Asiagraph 2012 photo2 Asiagraph 2012 photo4

We are glad to announce that three of our members (Aiwa, Ninamo and Kenneos) have been awarded with the Toranoana Award in the cathegories of “Excellent Work” and “Selected Work” at ASIAGRAPH 2012. This is the second time we receive an award from Toranoana — the year before we were already awarded with the Toranoana International Award 2011.

Comic Toranoana is a dōjin shop that specializes in selling manga related items. By the other hand, ASIAGRAPH 2012 is a joint event of science, art and exhibition that took place in Tokyo in October 2012. All winning entries were exhibited in the gallery during the event — you can see a few photos of it above (thanks to Snow Vega for them).

The contest consisted of presenting up to 3 original theme works made ​​during the year 2012. Having won the award means that our works will be announced on Toranoana’s homepage, exhibited and turned into a certain form of merchandise later on.

These were the awarded works:

  • Excellent Work
    “Akiko” by Aiwa
    “Yulla” by Ninamo

Akiko Yulla

  • Selected Work
    “Sky lake” by Kenneos

Sky lake


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