10 Jan

Katawa Shoujo fanbook
Presented by Four Leaf Studios
Released on Anime Expo (2012/06/29) and Comic Market 83 (2012/12/29)
HP: [link]

Tomorrow/Today - cover

Tomorrow/Today is the 4th official fanbook based on the famous visual novel Katawa Shoujo developed by Four Leaf Studios.

This 32-page full colour artbook featuring Katawa Shoujo illustrations by 4LS staff and their friends was originally released in Los Angeles’ Anime Expo in June 2012, followed by the Japanese edition in Tokyo’s Comic Market 83 in December 2012.

For this book, the artists were asked to draw any of the characters from the VN as they imagine them in the future. Ninamo from C★R took part in the book by collaborating with one illustration featuring Rin and Hisao.

As an anniversary present of the game release (4th of January), 4LS released the digital edition of Tomorrow/Today. You can download it from this link.

Tomorrow/Today - Ninamo


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