XVIII Salón del Manga de Barcelona

24 Oct

We would like to announce that we will be present at XVIII Salón del Manga de Barcelona.
Nos complace anunciar que estaremos presentes en el XVIII Salón del Manga de Barcelona.

XVIII Salón del Manga de Barcelona
Palacio 2 Fira de Barcelona (Spain), from November 1 to 4

This year we will have two separate booths:
Este año tendremos dos stands por separado:

    F-1 – Aiwa, Nevee & Ninamo
    F-6 – AnaKris, Kenneos & Harobako

Harobako is not a regular member of the circle but this time we share booths with her.
Harobako no es una miembro regular de nuestro círculo pero esta vez compartimos stand con ella.

A map of our location:
Un mapa de nuestra localización:


    Cross Heart Extended
    Original yuri manga
    Presented by AnaKris
    More info: [link]

    Touhou Project: Imperishable Night 2013 Calendar
    Touhou Project desk calendar
    Presented by Aiwa & Ninamo
    More info: [link]

    Corner of memories
    Persona3&4 fanbook
    Presented by Aiwa & Nevee
    More info: [link]

    1000year Retrospective
    Umineko no naku koro ni fanbook
    Presented by Aiwa
    More info: [link]

    Strawberry MilkShake
    Vocaloid R-18 fanbook
    Presented by Kenneos
    More info: [link]

    Original artbook featuring the theme ‘night’
    Presented by NYA ediciones & CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY
    More info: [link] / Previews: [link]

    Fragments of Time
    Tales of the Abyss fanbook
    Presented by Harobako (Pomme Rouge)


We’ll also be selling prints and other items.
También estaremos vendiendo pósters y otros artículos.

After the SMB, the items left will be put for sale at our online store:
Después del SMB, el material restante será puesto a la venta en nuestra tienda online:

We wait you there!!
¡¡Os esperamos ahí!!


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  1. XVIII Salón del Manga de Barcelona (photos and review) « CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY - 9 November, 2012

    […] From November 1th to 4th was held the XVIII Salón del Manga de Barcelona in Spain. This was the second time we attend as CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY, but this year we had two separate booths: the first one (the first two photos) with the presence of Aiwa, Nevee and Ninamo, and the second one (the last photo) with AnaKris, Kenneos and Harobako. More info about what we were selling and our location here. […]

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