Aiwa has been qualified for pixiv’s “P-1GRANDPRIX2012”

4 Sep

From the 7th of July (Tuesday) to the 31st of August (Friday), the qualifiers for pixiv’s P-1GRANDPRIX2012, a contest for up-and-coming artists, were held. Fifty artists were qualified and are moving on to the next stage.

Aiwa was one of these artists and has been qualified with her illustration titled アキ子 (Akiko), a beautiful personification of the autumn season.

The fifty people who have passed the preliminary contest have been asked to create a work for the final stage of the contest. These works will be shown in an exhibition at pixiv Zingaro from the 2nd of November (Friday) until the 4th of November (Sunday), and will be judged by the attendees.

On the final day of the exhibition (the 4th of November), the finalists will submit their works to pixiv. Afterwards, the judges will perform the final examination and decide the grand prize winner of P-1GRANDPRIX.

We wish good luck to Aiwa!!


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