Fujiwara no Mokou t-shirts for sale at Toranoana

27 Aug

Preorders for Fujiwara no Mokou (Touhou Project) t-shirts have now started at Comic Toranoana‘s website. Preorders will close on October 1st.

This design made by Ninamo was sold for the first time at Japan Expo 2012 in collaboration with Touhou.net with great success. Now we offer a new version of the same design to sell at Toranoana’s stores.

The characteristics for this new release are the following:

  • Size: XXXL / XXL / XL / L / M / S / 160(lady) / 150(lady) / 140(lady)
  • Color: burgundy / white
  • Price: 2,573円
  • Preorder (until 2012/10/01):

We are also offering these t-shirts at our online store. If you are not from Japan or do not have the chance to go pick them by yourself, you can also purchase them here, as usual:

The preorder period on our online store closed on August 17th and now we are taking regular orders.


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