New products available in our online store

20 Jul

From now on you can buy all our new products we released at Japan Expo 2012 at our online shop. Click the banner to enter our store:

This is what we added to the store. You’ll find these new products as well as the existing ones:

* Click on each image to access its entry into the store

  • 1000year Retrospective
    Umineko no naku koro ni fanbook
    Price: $10.80
    Blog entry: [link]

  • Corner of memories
    Persona3&4 fanbook
    Price: $16.20
    Blog entry: [link]

  • Cross Heart
    Original yuri manga
    Price: $9.40
    Blog entry: [link]

  • Strawberry MilkShake
    Vocaloid R-18 yuri fanbook
    Price: $10.80
    Blog entry: [link]

  • Badges
    Size: 3.8 cm
    Price per unit: $1.40 (only Fate/Zero)
    Price for each set:

    • $6.70 (Pokemon set, 6 badges)
    • $9.40 (Madoka Magica set, 8 badges)
    • $8.10 (Fate/Zero set, 8 badges)

  • Acrylic straps
    Pokemon / Vocaloid / Madoka Magica
    Size: 3.8 cm
    Price per unit: $5.40

  • Notebooks
    Vocaloid / Touhou Project
    Size: A6 cm
    Price per unit: $5.40

  • [PREORDER] T-shirts
    Touhou Project
    Color: White / Burgundy / Black
    Size: S / M / L / XL / XXL
    Model: Boy / Girl

    • $20.20 (White)
    • $32.30 (Burgundy / Black)

    The preorder period ends on August 17th.

  • Prints
    Various models

    • $5.40 (A3). See all models: [link]
    • $2.70 (A4). See all models: [link]
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