Japan Expo: 12th Impact (photos and review)

8 Jul

This was our C★R‘s booth in the last Japan Expo in association with Moe-Luv Circle. More info about what we sold in this entry.

We were selling goods from 9 different Spanish artists and that’s the reason our booth looks so messy and chaotic…;; But people enjoyed it a lot and we made a good cash ~☆. Thank you very much to all the people who came to visit us!! It was a great experience and we hope we can return next year’s Japan Expo!

If you’re interested on buying some of the things exposed in our booth, please stay tunned to our blog, we are planning to open a small online store in a few weeks!


One Response to “Japan Expo: 12th Impact (photos and review)”

  1. kobamisu 14 July, 2011 at 22:14 #

    AsukA05 (koi-nya) me regaló uno de vuestros straps (el de Menma-chan <3) y es monísimo *___* como os pille por un salón en España me llevo media tienda, felicidades por vuestro trabajo ^^

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