Japan Expo: 12th Impact

21 Jun

C★R will attend this year’s Japan Expo (from June 30th to July 3rd 2011) in association with Moe-Luv Circle.

Our booth will be number Z244 in the Hall 5A:

Artists attending in person are:
KawaiiDream / Lisco / Nevee / Ninamo

But material by the following artists will be sold too:
Aiwa / AnaKris / Ayame Shiroi / Kenneos / Yu Moto

You’ll find these books on sale:

  1. Without love, it cannot be seen by several artists / Touhou, Umineko & Madoka☆Magica FANBOOK / 12€
  2. Fragments by Aiwa / Umineko FANBOOK / 6€
  3. Soul Wishes by Kenneos / Madoka☆Magica FANBOOK / 7€
  4. Witch Wish by Yu Moto & AnaKris / Harry Potter FANBOOK

*Prices are not definitive and may change.

Futhermore, you can find different goods like prints (A3, A4 & A5), straps, stickers, buttons, bookmarks… from series such Touhou, Umineko, Madoka☆Magica, Pokemon, Professor Layton, Tales of Vesperia, AnoHana, Hanasaku Iroha, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Evangelion… and original creations.

Visit us if you’re attending~!!


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    […] This was our C★R‘s booth in the last Japan Expo in association with Moe-Luv Circle. More info about what we sold in this entry. […]

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