Comiket 89: information

27 Dec

We will attend Comiket 89:

    Comiket 89 (コミケット89)
    12/31, Tokyo Big Sight
    Circle space: 3日目西に-15b

Ninamo: Goods / グッズ:


Hitsu: Illustration books / イラスト本:
C★R is proud to announce we will be selling Hitsu‘s books as a special collaboration.


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Mutsugo no tamashii ☆ FOREVER (Osomatsu-san only event)

21 Dec

We will attend this next event:

    Mutsugo no tamashii ☆ FOREVER (6つ子の魂☆フォーエバー)
    Osomatsu-san only event
    12/27, 東京流通センター(TRC)
    Circle space: G18

New goods / 新グッズ:

  • Osomatsu-san Acrylic keychains (6 models, double-sided, 5 cm aprox.)
  • Osomatsu-san_ keychains_poster

  • Osomatsu-san Acrylic stands (2 models, 8 cm aprox.)
  • Poster_stands_aiwa_pre

  • Osomatsu-san ~yankee ver.~ Can badges (6 models, 5.7 cm)
  • Osomatsu-san_yankee

    The Osomatsu-san acrylic keychain set is also up for preorder at our online store [here]. Preorder period ends on December 31 (2015) and orders with this product will be shipped on Mid-January (2016).


    osom-1 osom-2

    Those same keychains were released on Toranoana gacha machines in Japan. They were so popular that we were told that they sold out in just one day! Amazing! A reprint is currently being done and it will be available on the machines again soon!

    2015-12-11 21.42.00

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    New online stores open! + Next events

    13 Nov

    We are glad to announce we opened two new online stores:


    —Pixiv BOOTH—

    Both stores are based in Tokyo, Japan, and only include the most recent goods done by Ninamo. Please take a look! ご覧ください!





    We participated in the Sunshine Creation 2015 Autumn last month. Here is some pictures of our table:
    先月「サンシャインクリエイション2015 Autumn」に参加しました。これはC★Rのテーブルの写真です:



    We are going to attend these next events:

      Bokura no Love Live! 10 (僕らのラブライブ!10)
      Love Live! only event
      11/23, 大田区産業プラザPiO
      Circle space: 学14

      Comic Market 89 (コミックマーケット89)
      12/29~31, Tokyo Big Sight
      Circle space: 西に15b(木曜日)

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    Bokura no Love Live! 9 & Sunshine Creation 2015 Autumn

    23 Sep

    We will attend this next events:

      Bokura no Love Live! 9 (僕らのラブライブ!9)
      Love Live! only event
      9/27, Akihabara UDX
      Circle space: U11
      Sunshine Creation 2015 Autumn
      (サンシャインクリエイション2015 Autumn)
      10/04, Ikebukuro Sunshine City
      Circle space: F06b

    New goods / 新グッズ:

  • Love Live! Maki Nishikino dakimakura (50 x 150 cm)
  • Maki dakimakura

    Maki dakimakura - photos

  • Love Live! ~cyber ver.~ Acrylic straps (6 cm aprox.)
  • Love Live! cyber ver.

    Other goods / 他のグッズ:

  • Love Live! Fabric wallscroll tapestries (60 x 90cm)
  • Poster-pre

  • Love Live! Postcard set, badge & acrylic straps
  • COMIKET-leftover

  • The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Acrylic keychains (6cm aprox.) *SanKuri only* *サンクリだけ*
  • Poster-pre

      Utahime Teien 8 -THE IDOL G@RDEN-
      (歌姫庭園8-THE IDOL G@RDEN-)
      The iDOLM@STER only event
      9/22, 大田区産業プラザPiO
      Circle space: シ10

    We participated at Utahime Teien 8 yesterday. Here is some pictures of our table:




    Tora Matsuri 2015 & Sunshine Creation 2015 Summer

    17 Jun
      Tora Matsuri 2015 (とら祭り2015)
      6/21, Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center
      Circle space: C23b

    This weekend we will participate at Tora Matsuri 2015!
    We will bring the following goods:

  • Love Live! Fabric wallscroll tapestries (60 x 90cm)
  • Poster-pre

    fabric poster 01-test-pre

  • The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Acrylic keychains (6cm aprox.)
  • Poster-pre

    As well as some goods from the Comiket Special 6:

  • Love Live! Postcard set, badge & acrylic straps
  • COMIKET-leftover

      Sunshine Creation 2015 Summer
      (サンシャインクリエイション2015 Summer)
      6/14, Ikebukuro Sunshine City
      Circle space: N070a

    Last weekend we participated at the Sunshine Creation 2015 Summer. Here is some pictures of our table:

    2015-06-14 10.47.15-pre

    2015-06-14 10.47.03-pre

    Comiket Special 6: catalog

    21 Mar

    Hello! This is Ninamo again!

    In my last entry I talked about my attendance at the upcoming event Comiket Special 6 in Tokyo! Well, let me show now what will you find in our table:



    Recently I talked about me moving to another country. I’m glad to announce I’ll be living in Tokyo starting from March 26! I’m going to study Japanese in a language school there for a whole year at least. My dream is to find a job in Japan and stay indefinitely, but we will see how the things turn once I’m there! Wish me good luck! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

    I talked a little more about my journey on my dA journal here.

    See you there!!

    Comiket Special 6

    10 Mar

    Hello, this is Ninamo writing! I am glad to announce I will be attending Comiket Special 6 in Tokyo this month with a table!

    Our table number is L-42a in the first day of the event (March 28). We will be in the Love Live! area. This is my first time in a convention in Japan, so I’m very excited!

    Our circle cut looks like this:

    I will be selling some stuff like acrylic charms, badges/buttons, small prints and a postcard set I’m preparing together with Aiwa and Kagura Kurosaki. All of it featuring Love Live! girls. I will write again with more info and samples once they are ready!

    Our circle cut printed on the Comiket catalog: