XX Salón del Manga de Barcelona (photos + brief review)

3 Nov



¡Ya estamos de vuelta! Ayer terminó el XX Salón del Manga de Barcelona (del 30 de octubre al 2 de noviembre) y allí estuvimos como de costumbre en nuestro rinconcito en la isla de fanzines.


En esta ocasión nos reunimos Aiwa, Isaky y Ninamo para vender nuestras cosillas. Como novedades destacadas estaban el cómic original autonclusivo Daily Ai dibujado por Aiwa, varios modelos de pósters nuevos del LoL dibujados por Isaky (y que tuvieron un montón de éxito) y los charms acrílicos transparentes de Aiwa y Ninamo. Modelos nuevos de chapas, pósters, llaveros, junto a antiguos que vamos reimprimiendo. ¡Nuestra mesa estaba bien repleta!

El salón fue muy ajetreado y vino mucha gente a vernos. ¡El más ajetreado que hayamos tenido nunca! Especialmente memorable para Isaky, ¡y es que fue proclamada ganadora del Concurso de Manga de Norma Editorial de este año! Su proyecto, titulado DELETE, fue el seleccionado por la editorial para ser publicado en el Salón del Manga del año que viene. Las primeras 8 páginas pueden leerse aquí.

Delete_1 Delete_2

Os dejamos con algunas fotos para que veáis como lució nuestro stand (al final de la entrada).


We are already back! Yesterday ended the XX Salón del Manga de Barcelona (from October 30 to November 2) and we were there as usual in our little corner on the fanzine alley.

This time we were Aiwa, Isaky and Ninamo to sell our stuff. As highlighted new releases we had the original one-shot comic Daily Ai drawn by Aiwa, several new prints of LoL drawn by Isaky (that had a lot of success!) and the clear acrylic charms by Aiwa and Ninamo. New models of buttons, prints, keychains, alongside with the old ones. Our table was well stocked!

The convention was very busy and many people came to see us. In fact, the busiest we’ve ever had! Especially memorable for Isaky, ¡because she was proclaimed the winner of this year’s Manga Contest held by the Spanish publisher Norma Editorial! Her project titled DELETE was selected to be published on next year’s Salón del Manga. The first 8 pages can be read here.

Here we leave you with some pics of how our booth looked.

SMB14-02 SMB14-03
SMB14-04 SMB14-05

Kill la Kill and Free! clear acrylic charms

31 Jul

We originally prepared these to be sold at Japan Expo, but we had some trouble and in the end we couldn’t. But anyway, here’s our double-sided acrylic charms currently available through our online store and on future conventions (while stocks last).

All of them includes a strap (cord + clasp) and a small sleighbell attached. They are printed on both sides and have a candy gloss finish. We would like to thanks Ink It Labs for making such lovely charms for us and the help provided through the whole process.

Click each image to access to each’s section in the store. If you buy them before August 4th we have a 20% off!

  • Kill la Kill: Ryuuko & Satsuki
    1.5″ (3.8cm) double-sided clear acrylic charm
    Art by Ninamo

KLK charms

  • Free!: Haru
    1.5″ (3.8cm) double-sided clear acrylic charm
    Art by Aiwa

Haru charms

There’s also a 1″ (2.54cm) version of Haru’s charms:

Haru mini charms

KagePro, Free! and Love Live! button sets for sale at Toranoana

22 Jul

We’re pleased to announce that we had the chance to collaborate again with the Japanese chain store Comic Toranoana to bring our Kagerou Project, Free! -navy uniforms ver.- and Love Live! button sets at their stores. They are available right now at the gacha machines in some of their stores. The badges measure is 57mm in diameter and each try costs 200円 (JPY).


All of them are available in our online store as well. There you can find 38mm buttons and also double-sided acrylic keychains using the same designs. The button sets can be bought separately or together as a pack with a small discount. Below there are the posters we designed for Toranoana stores, but if you click on them you can access to each’s section in our store:

  • Kagerou Project set (drawn by Isaky)
  • KAGEPRO poster

  • Free! -navy uniforms ver.- set (drawn by Aiwa)
  • Free! poster

  • Love Live! set (drawn by Ninamo)
  • LoveLive poster

    It’s been a while since the last time we updated our blog with our designs, so there are already a lot of them we haven’t shown here. Same as before, click each image to be redirected to the corresponding section on the online store:

    KLK poster ThMoF poster

    Chu2koi poster DR poster

    Scarlet poster Pokemon poster

    Daily Ai

    17 Jul

    Daily Ai
    Original manga
    Presented by Aiwa (CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY)

    Daily Ai - cover

    The story of the average day for a girl living in a digital world. A short 20 pages-comic that narrates in a mute comic how Ai, the protagonist, manages in her daily life. The book includes drafts for discarded pages and characters designs.


    • Size: A5
    • Pages: 30 pages
    • Contents: 20 pages of comic plus 6 more of extra content
    • Language: English
    • Price: $7.25
      (Paypal fee included) (Shipping non included)


    You can purchase it at our online store here:

    Japan Expo 2014

    10 Jul

    It’s been almost a week since this year’s Japan Expo finished. We were so busy the days before the con that we couldn’t update the blog with a list of what we were planning to bring or our location (although we gave some of this information through our Twitter and Facebook account). We’re sorry!

    Here you have a little review about it and some photos.

    Map JE 2014

    Japan Expo was held from July 2nd to 6th in Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center (France). It was a total of 5 days (one more than usual). We were pretty worried about this so many days, and indeed we ended exhausted, but it was fun and we really enjoyed it!

    The crew this year consisted of Ninamo (also bringing with her Aiwa and Isaky‘s stuff) and Kagura Kurosaki from our fellow doujin circle Little Pandemonium (also bringing with her Criis-chan‘s stuff).

    We were helped in the booth by our usual assistant Chun (who also came with us) and also by our French friends Maxim and Maël (who also cheered up the booth by playing the violin all days! He’s incredible skilled!). We really really want to thanks them! Otherwise, we don’t know how we would have been able to manage the booth. Thanks to them we were even able to go to some activities we wanted to!


    In fact, there is a long list of people we want to thank. We would like to particularly highlight Touhou.net for helping us with our prints order, selling some of our stuff (a Yukari t-shirt drawn by Ninamo and a Scarlet Sisters poster by Kagura, along with the traditional annual Touhou fanbook, could be found at their booth) and once again organizing such a fun dinner together with other fellow circles (Tsundereko and Tsubameyado).

    Thanks also to our friend Plusi (who also came with us) for helping us to carry back all the stuff that was left!

    And finally, we want to thanks to all the people who came to our booth, chatted with us or bought us some stuff! We were very busy all days! Thank you very much!

    JE2014_02 JE2014_03

    JE2014_04 JE2014_05

    JE2014_06 JE2014_07

    JE2014_08 JE2014_09

    The pics are all from our booth in the first day. We’re sorry we haven’t many pics to share…
    You can also read Kagura‘s review of the trip here.

    Finally, if you’re wondering about the new stuff we were selling, we just updated the online store with the new Free! and Love Live! buttons/keychains and some of the new prints. You can check them here!:


    24 Mar

    Original one-shot manga
    Presented by Balust, Black Velvet, Campos, CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY, Kudo & SenseiDani
    Published by Letrablanka
    216 pages, B/W, Paperback w/ jacket, Spanish edition
    7,50 €



    Xavi, Robert, Daisuke, Yumiko y Narelle son cinco deportistas de tres continentes diferentes que acuden a competir en estas olimpiadas organizadas especialmente para la obra.

    El mundo del deporte requiere esfuerzo y sacrificio. Algunos alcanzan la fama y la gloria y pueden vivir de su pasión. Pero la mayoría no ve recompensado su duro trabajo. Eso sí, sean vencedores o vencidos, todos tienen en común una estricta vida de sacrificio no sólo físico, sino mental y personal.

    Estos cinco protagonistas demostrarán que en una competición deportiva, el corazón se juega mucho más que medallas.

    Olympics es un manga atípico que entrelaza tres tramas distintas, cada una dibujada y guionizada por un equipo creativo diferente, en una misma historia. El trasfondo común: unas olimpiadas.

    Ninamo, AnaKris, Aiwa y Nevee (bajo el nombre de CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY) colaboran junto a Alejandra M. Campos en el dibujo de la trama guionizada por Black Velvet, la correspondiente a Narelle, una joven promesa en la modalidad de salto de trampolín.


    Olympics está ya disponible en librerías especializadas en España y a través de la tienda online de Letrablanka. Más información aquí.

    Olympics - Narelle


    Xavi, Robert, Daisuke, Yumiko, and Narelle are five athletes, from three different continents, who will compete in the Olympics.

    Atheletes need to make efforts and sacrifices. Some reach the podium and can make a living of what they love. But most of them won’t see their work pay off. Winners or losers, everyone have a hard life of work and sacrifice in common.

    Our five protagonists will prove that in competitions, in the end, the heart matters more than medals.

    Olympics is a pretty unique manga, in which three plots interwhine, each a different story, each created by a different team of artists.

    Ninamo, AnaKris, Aiwa and Nevee (under the CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY name), together with Alejandra M. Campos who helped with the drafts, and a script written by Black Velvet, made the story of Narelle.


    The volume can be purchased in Letrablanka online store (Spanish only). More info here.

    New items available at our online store

    12 Nov

    We’ve finally updated our store with the last items released on XIX Salón del Manga de Barcelona.

    You can now purchase the following goods:


      Kuro-e Artbook: CHALLENGE
      Spanish artbook featuring original character designs and illustrations
      Presented by CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY
      Language: Spanish (+ a booklet including English translation)
      More info: [link]
      [STORE LINK]



      Touhou tote bags
      100% cotton tote bags printed on both sides featuring Touhou Project
      Presented by Aiwa & Ninamo (C★R)
      [STORE LINK]


      Drinks button set
      Button set featuring original character designs based on popular drink brands
      Presented by Aiwa (C★R)
      [STORE LINK]




    A part from these, there are also new A3 and A4 prints, acrylic keychains and laminated straps. We invite you to take a peek at our store!


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